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Cleaning Up The Garage

Cleaning up the garage and see what we found!!!  OLD SCHOOL CDs.  We still got all of them.  NEW JACK SWING, RnB, GANGSTA Rap we still got all the CDsCD_001

CD_002DJ Moto very first mix tape – THE CLUBJOINT Vol. 1.  I remember we used to bump this CD in the car back in 1998 cruising around Sydney…  Then because of the popularity of the mixes CLUBJOINT became an actual club event at Skygardens.  Do you guys remember those days!!!  Those were the days!!!  Memories!!!

CD_003Here at PLUS.VI.ONE we are OLD SCHOOL.  They don’t do HipHop and RnB like they used to…


Tonight’s Online Meeting…

The PLUS.VI.ONE crew had an online meeting tonight (thank God to MSN).   We are finalising are initial designs which as you all know, will be concentrating on the “LOGO” T-shirt line.    Here are just samples of what you will be expecting.

plussixone CITY

A Lesson on what not to do…

Relatives in the Philippines sent this picture to us.  We don’t have to say anything, but this is a lesson on what not do to when you are designing t-shirts.  If you are going to copy someone at least change the design abit and not just put your logo on top of a well known street brand and claim that it’s your design.  The bad thing about this is it’s being sold at SM department stores in the Philippines…  This is so wrong.


DEUS MACHINA bike swap meet

Last Saturday Efren dragged the PLUS.VI.ONE crew to the DEUS MACHINA bike swap meet.  I didn’t know that there was a big “push bike” following here in Sydney.  We all felt like buying a bike now… Ritchie is already thinking of doing a custom PLUS.VI.ONE bike.




Putting the PLUS.VI.ONE brand out

Because we are just starting in the street clothing game we want to put the PLUS.VI.ONE brand out.  Get it known to the public.  So our initial designs will be concentrated on the logo. 


Finally PLUS.VI.ONE logo

After a very long and tedious planning we finally came to a final design for our logo. This is what its going to look like on a t-shirt.plussixone_02


+SixOne has begun

So what you guys tink? It has started cant stop now, cant stop cos we wont stop