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Merry Christmas!!!

To everyone that supported and helped us during 2009 thank you!  You are all important to us.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very very prosperous new year.  Hope to see all of you again in 2010…Stay Safe!


PLUS.VI.ONE Basketball Team Xmas Party @ Outback Steakhouse

PLUS.VI.ONE Basketball team’s Xmas Party get-together.  What better way to end the basketball season for 2009 and get ready for 2010…

Street Wear by Steven Vogel

We recently visited Kinokuniya Bookstore in Sydney and we stumbled upon this informative book called Street Wear.  It’s a street wear bible compiling all the popular brands and in the street wear culture today.  A must for any street wear enthusiasts.

The 80s Are Back Exhibit @ The Powerhouse Museum Sydney

The Powerhouse Museum is reliving the 80s with their new exhibit about that era.  It features Australian life back in the 80s period, the music, the fashion, the night life, politics and society.  It also shows the must have products of the 80s and gaming and technology of the 80s where all our playstations, Xboxs and computers started from.

The exhibit will run from December 13, 2009 till late 2010.  Don’t miss out, it will remind you why the 80s cannot be easily forgotten.

Top 100 Tees of the 2000s by Marc Ecko’s

We are nearing the end of 2009 and we came across this list of the best stuff that happened in the early 2000.  In particular the top 100 of the best tees as compiled by Marc Ecko’s website.

1. Supreme “Kate Moss” (2004)

2. J$ “King of NY” (2003)

3. Invisible:Man “Think” (2000)

4. Stüssy “HAZE World Tour” (2006)

5. SSUR “Ne Blatuy” (2005)

If you want to see more of the TOP 100s please visit

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This is how we do…

Been digging around old videos when we found this video again.  This is when Supreme Entertainment flew in import models Pam Rodriguez and Natalia Marie from Los Angeles.  This is just a glimpse on what happens in a typical Supreme Entertainment photoshoot when the import models are here.  Big shout out to the boss man Len of Supreme Enterntainment, the photographers during that night, the master Jeff Polintan, Paul Paelmo and Christian Sabado.  The best make-up artist Gina Chen for doing the “girly thang” with the girls.  Thanks to Martin Ponferrada for filming and editing this video.

Those were the days.  But not to worry we’ll be doing this again… soon

DJ Neil Armstrong Australia Tour

Don’t miss DJ Neil Armstrong live in Australia.

DJ Neil Armstrong official tour DJ of Jay Z and member of 5th Platoon DJ collective.

Crooks & Castles “El Presidente” Watch

Our homies from Crooks & Castles has been busy with a new watch named the “El Presidente”.  Inspired by the classic Rolex Presidential Oyster Perpetual. The watch is offered in two different colorways, including Matte Black and Silver, with each featuring real diamonds. Only 125 units were made, all now available through select Crooks & Castles retailers with a price tag of $450 USD.

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PLUS.VI.ONE @ the Blackstreet Concert

When Hoopdreamz and Supreme Entertainment invited us to come and watch the King of New Jack Swing tour featuring the legendary BlackStreet we couldn’t say no because; one, we grew up with Blackstreet, specially music produced by Teddy Riley and two, we’ve always supported events organised by Hoopdreamz and Supreme Entertainment.

Blackstreet didn’t dissapoint.  Teddy Riley’s excellent music production and combined with Blackstreets own live band, they belted out all their hits in an almost 2 hour oldschool extravaganza taking us back to the era of New Jack Swing.

The line at 6pm.  One hour before showtime.

The main stage when it was still empty getting setup.

Blackstreet doing sound check.

DJ Savvy and DJ Qrius representing PLUS.VI.ONE at the concert.

The guys responsible for making this happen – Marco and Ralph of Hoopdreamz.

DJ Reanno, DJ Jhunboy of Priority One and ILL DJ with Blackstreet’s Official Tour DJ.

Hoopdreamz, Supreme Entertainment, Priority One DJs and the Blackstreet production crew posing after the show.

Blackstreet on the way out to the VIP meet and greet.

Thank you to Marco of Hoopdreamz and Len of Supreme Entertainment for inviting us to this once in a lifetime experience and for giving PLUS.VI.ONE backstage access.  Also good work to all the Hoopdreamz and Supreme Entertainment production crew for staging an outstanding event.  Until the next time….

Some pictures courtesy of Cherry M.