Buffet – Street Comtemporary Culture and Style Expo

Buffet is the first tradeshow and public expo in the Asia-Pacific region dedicated to Streetwear, Sneakers, contemporary style & culture, design, t-shirts, accessories and much more.  Jeff Staple will be coming to this show as a keynote speaker in one of the forums and our good friend Frank Liew representing NZ’s Qubic Store, will be coming aswell to discuss our culture.

Friday, 26th February will be an industry only tradeshow and a on Saturday 27th and 28th February the show is free to the public – the expo and marketplace.

PLUS.VI.ONE will be attending this event, hope to see everyone there.  It’s nice to meet and greet other people in the industry.  Plus, Melbourne is notorious for having kick-ass parties!!!  We always love partying in Melbourne.   🙂

For more information please visit the Buffet website and/or Acclaim Magazine website.


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  1. awesome poster!

    March 31, 2010 at 11:43

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