Thank you so much to the players that turned up to play for Team Plus Six One on Sunday nights, unfortunately the season had to come to an end. This was a great experience to see you guys work hard to push one another  to new limits, pull together when needed, cheer each other on and most importantly grow as friends. Most of you guys came to the comp as acquaintances or strangers but finished as mates.

Anthony “DJ Qrius” Montano

Efren Cruz

Anthony Roxas

Jay Mijares

Marc Izon

Jeremy Izon

John Cansino

Byron Bueno

Andrew Tilley

Carlos “MC D” Fernandes

Coach: Chris “DJ Savvy” Davidson

Coach: Mr Izon “tito”

Jaylen "Team Plus Six One Captain 2030"

also a special thanks to the “WAGS” (wives and girlfriends) Baby Jaylen our mascot and friends who came and watched week in week out

it was an Awesome season! till the next…….


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