Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock

When Neon Genesis Evangelion first came out in 1995, it pioneered what was acceptable in the world of manga animation genre.  The stories were controversial dealing with incest, cults, cloning, genetic engineering, subjects that is rarely seen on TV.  The central (and original) works of the series feature an apocalyptic mecha action story which revolves around the efforts by the paramilitary organization Nerv to fight monstrous beings called Angels. Nerv’s primary weapon against the Angels are giant mecha called Evangelions which are piloted by select teenagers.

In collaboration with the release of the special edition DVD and Blu-Ray boxset, Casio G-Shock created two limited edition GA-11o model watches.  The watches are based on colourways seen in the show – “plug suit” white of Rei Ayanami the female lead of the series and the other is based on the Evangelion Unit 01 purple, and of course Casio still kept all it’s technical features unique to G-Shock timepieces.

Earmarked to launch during August of this year, the Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock Limited Edition are available for pre-release order on Yahoo! Japan’s Evangelion microsite.

Courtesy of Freshness

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