RIP – Guru of Gang Starr

Guru, part of the duo Gang Starr with partner DJ Premier, real name Keith Elam died from his long battle with cancer aged 43. They helped define the New York underground rap sound in the 1990s, and built a considerable following.  They produced a unique sound which leaned heavily on jazz records.  They released classic albums such as Step in the Arena (1991) and Daily Operation (1992).

Such a tragedy with the passing of one of the greatest MC’s in the world of Hip-Hop.  A man who didn’t conform, didn’t sellout, didn’t lose sight of the big picture.  Thank you for being one of the greatest street professor, may your music live on forever – RIP (1966 – 2010)


One response

  1. revnardintheplace

    These are some of the best emcees in chicago, I made this mix for them!!!! Tell me what u think about it

    April 21, 2010 at 11:43

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