This is how we do it….

Another busy weekend for the +PlusSixOne crew.  From playing with cars to just chilling with celebrities and DJs – all this elements contribute to our Urban community.

Our friend mechanic Paul from Bel Garage with Tarzan Yamada.

Bel Garage’s DC2R representing +PlusSixOne.

US Import Tuner magazine editor Carter Jung doing a photoshoot at Bel Garage.  He’s here in Sydney for the Super Lap event in Eastern Creek.

+PlusSixOne, Autosalon, Modified Magazine (US) and Import Tuner Magazine (US)  having dinner at Hurricanes.

William (ex-Autosalon), Paul (Bel Garage), Carter (Import Tuner), Peter (Modified Magazine), Brian (Bel Garage), Chookie and +61Teddy.

DJ Mike Hyper, DJ Biggie, +61Teddy entertaining Adelaide visitor DJ Krispy.

+61Teddy with Jessica Mauboy at Max Brenner.

Pictures courtesy of Paul (Bel Garage)

One response

  1. teddy your a star man! hehe

    May 28, 2010 at 11:43

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