+PlusSixOne weekend – Darling Harbour, Supanova and eating…

We hope that everyone enjoyed their weekends… we sure did!

Darling Harbour is a major hub for World Cup fans.  You can watch all the games on this big screen TV and there are food stalls and memorabilia everywhere.

While in Darling Harbour we also visited the recently opened Grill’d burger joint.  Not as intricate as Counter Burger with all the different varieties but still one of the best burgers we’ve tasted.

We visited the Supanova show in Olympic Park.  The last time we went to the Dome was when we were still entering our cars in Autosalon.  Now it’s filled up with comic book icons, people in superhero costumes and video games.  We were really surprised with the amount of people that came in their favourite costume.  There is a few that we can tell that they spent money and time building the costumes.  Well done to those people.  There was a few notable actors and actresses that came for the seminars and the usual meet and greet.  Nice seeing Elisha Dushku (she hot!), Lou Ferrigno, one of the werewolf dude from Twilight (sorry forgot his name) and Police Academy’s Michael Winslow (the sound effect dude) in person.

For more pictures of the event please visit the Supanova website.

And of course the weekend is not complete without eating at our favourite chinese spot!  We don’t exactly know the name of the restaurant but it’s at Kensington.

A big thank you to DJ Mizzy for this photo of his laptop…

Thanks to two of our favourite DJs – C.BU and R*One, always been down with us since day one.  Take note, the guys rocking the old and new +PlusSixOne tees.


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