The new Westfield Pitt St Mall Sydney

With the recent opening of the new Westfield Mall  at Pitt St, Sydney we had to see what all the fuss was all about.  After all you’ve seen one mall, you’ve seen them all right?  Wrong!  The difference is on Level 1 of the mall.  They actually called Level 1 – URBAN section of the mall.  Meaning all the high end streetwear are all located here on this level.  It’s good that Westfield is recognizing our sub-culture.  The mall is not yet completely finished and there are more stores to open.  Sydney finally has a shopping district that we can be proud off.



Oh by the way, as you all know FreshIn at Darlinghurst closed it’s doors a few months ago.  The boys from FreshIn are back and stepped up their game with the new store called CAPSULE opening here in the new Pitt St. Westfield.  They are located at Level 1.  To forget to visit them when you’re in the area.

Pictures are courtesy of Capsule Store.



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