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A Nice Day in Darling Harbour…

Was a nice day in Sydney so we visited the Project 5 event at Darling Harbour – Cockle Bay Wharf Promenade.

More pictures from the Project 5 event can be seen by clicking here


Intermission: Kanye West – All Of The Lights

Another hit from Kanye West.

Gucci X Fiat

Gucci has been synonymous to style and class, and their prestige has exceeded the high-end fashion industry.  Their high caliber status still remains strong in today’s competitive luxury brand market.  Gucci with Italian automobile maker Fiat to design a special edition car.

They picked the Fiat 500, customised to show a new, modern travel statement.  Gucci modified every detail of the car with the red and green Gucci stripe running along the side of the car, while the GG wheel nut covers on mesh rims compliments the stripes.  Inside it has the red and green style on the seats, gearshift, carpet and seatbelts with GG embossed seats and trims.

There is also a limited edition apparel, accessories, watches and bags to match with your new Fiat 500 when you drive in on the streets.


The Hangover 2 official trailer

This is the movie that we all been waiting for!!!  Hangover 2 coming soon!!!

100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience Trailer

Despite the demise of the video game arcades around the world, in some parts of the globe they still alive and it’s still a continuing phenomenon like in Japan.  There is an upcoming documentary by Brand Crawford and Bryan Verot about the social relationship between video games and the people and why it’s still thriving in some parts of the world.  For more info on the documentary please visit their IndieGoGo webstie.

PlusSixOne proudly supports GKYGAT 2011

Gawad Kalinga a non-profit organization giving care and alternative solutions to poverty in the Philippines and through out the world.  PlusSixOne is proud to support such a noble cause.  Good work guys!!!

Pictures courtesy of members of GKYGAT

New PlusSixOne Tees available in the Online Store

Our new range are available in our online store.

REPRESENT PLUSSIXONE! Spread the funky and positive vibe from the land Down Under!!!


Aleks Figueroa of Dream Jungle – 2011 Tour

Aleks Figueroa is back for 3rd tour of Australia.  He specializes on traditional Filipino (including Baybayin translations), Tribal (inc. Polynesian/Samoan/Maori),  Japanese, Asian, and Cambodian/Thai tattoos.   If you want to be inked by Aleks on his next tour (probably next year) please message him on facebook or visit his website  Also check out his website:

The finished piece – “Kalasag at Kris” –  Design by Michelle (Inkbots Design) Tattooed by Aleks Figueroa.

“Our Lady of Guadalupe” piece – outline finished, detail and shading to come…. Will update you on the finished product.

Ovarian Cancer Charity Event @ FLOW recap…

PlusSixOne would like to thank everyone at Flow Fridays for your generous donations in support of “2011 Ovarian Cancer aWEARness month”.  We would also want to thank all the DJs and MCs that been down with PlusSixOne since day one – Biggie,  Hyper, Edo, Qrius, Flipsta, Phili, Klassik 1, Bonniez, Moto, Ill DJ, Savvy and to anyone else that we forgot because there is too many of you to mention – THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!



Check out this music video made for the Toyota Sienna.  It’s very entertaining that it had 8.4 million views in YouTube.  It features actors Brian Huskey and Rachel Drummond rapping to a catchy rhythm.  Enjoy!!!