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GROOVE Urban Dance Battles 2011

Don’t forget the GROOVE Urban Dance Battles is happening from July to September with the World Supremacy Battlegrounds in November.  For more info visit GROOVETV or HOOPDREAMZ.


JDMyard X PlusSixOne Tees now on sale

The latest t-shirt release from JDM parts and styling powerhouse JDMyard is now available.  Because PlusSixOne has it’s roots around the modified car scene and JDMyard is our favourite place to shop for the latest JDM parts and accessories it was natural for us to help the peeps in JDMyard with the development of their apparel drop.  The front features the timeless original JDMyard logo designed by Justin Fox with the back featuring the OG PlusSixOne logo.  Plain and simple and functional just how JDMers like it!!!

They are available from the JDMyard store for $25 pickup from the store or $33 shipped.  Please visit JDMyard for more info.

Intermission: Riff – White Men Can’t Jump (Original Soundtrack)

Let’s take this back to the old school!!!

12×12 [4]

This July, weAREtheIMAGEmakers is bringing 12×12 back to Sydney’s aMBUSH Gallery with a whole new lineup of amazing artists from all over Australia. The fourth instalment of 12×12 brings together 12 Australian artists, 12 artworks each on 12×12 inches.

Featuring artists are Daek, Drewfunk, Ears, Edward Woodley, Gary Seaman, Gimiks Born, Mark Alsweiler, Rone, Sean Morris, Shannon Crees, Shida and Troy Archer.

The fourth 12×12 exhibition is set to be an event not to be missed. WATIM will also be offering the works for sale through an online catalogue from 12pm Saturday 23rd July 2011.

New Era (Tokyo) Promotional Video

New Era recently opened it’s  flagship store in Japan’s trendy area – Harajuku.  This is their promotional video showing three different people on the way to the New Era store.  The cool thing about the video is the hat cleaning service offered by the store free of charge!!!   Wish they have this in Australia 😦

Dr. Dre – Chrysler 300 Commercial – “Good Things”

Dr. Dre debuted the new 2012 Chrysler 300 commercial in game 3 of the NBA finals.  The Chrysler 300 features Dr. Dre’s Beats.  The sound system was designed to replicate the sounds in a recording studio inside a big sedan.

“Real Steel” Trailer

Real Steel a science fiction film starring Hugh Jackman, about robots replacing humans in boxing.  Anything about robots and of course lots of action, gots to be good.  To be released in October 2011.

“Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” Trailer

We’ve all probably seen the 1968 original Planet of the Apes file with Charlton Heston and of course the 2001 reboot.  But non of the movies or the TV series in the early 70s actually explained how the apes became super-intelligent and human like.  From the looks of the trailer, Rise of the Planet of the Apes will reveal everything.  Starring James Franco and it will be released around August 2011.

Annual Flipside Warehouse Sale