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Depth of Speed – A Car Show Born

Check out this video about the process behind putting on a car show the Euro Sl,ut Fest.  It attracted over 400 custom European cars.  The video is by Josh Clason of “Depth of Speed” series.  Click the picture above to watch the video.  Euro Sl,ut Fest is an all european car show which is truly and entirely created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Source: HBTV


BMW Art Car Tour

Check out BMW’s Art Car series of 17 cars painted by 17 different artists from all over the world.  The project started as a series of painted race cars but now has blossomed into a project raising awareness of alternative and renewable energy sources.  More information about the exhibition can be found at

Canibeat X JDMyard car meet

US photographer Jordan Donnelly (Canibeat) was here in Sydney and an impromptu car meet was organised at JDMyard.

For more pics please visit:,, Jordan and JDM Style

Also visit their respective Facebook pages – The-LowdownFelix Alim PhotographyClubITRJDMST

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JDMyard X PlusSixOne Tees now on sale

The latest t-shirt release from JDM parts and styling powerhouse JDMyard is now available.  Because PlusSixOne has it’s roots around the modified car scene and JDMyard is our favourite place to shop for the latest JDM parts and accessories it was natural for us to help the peeps in JDMyard with the development of their apparel drop.  The front features the timeless original JDMyard logo designed by Justin Fox with the back featuring the OG PlusSixOne logo.  Plain and simple and functional just how JDMers like it!!!

They are available from the JDMyard store for $25 pickup from the store or $33 shipped.  Please visit JDMyard for more info.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 video

Want to see how a Lamborgini Aventador performs?  Watch this amazing video and see how it out maneuveres “mother nature”.

Ward’s Automotive Magazine – 10 Best Car Interiors

Online Automotive Magazine WARDS AUTO has been reviewing and rating car interiors since before 2005 has released their latest best 10 car interiors.  Mind you, this is not just a collection of interiors high end cars like Range Rovers, Jaguars, Aston Martin, etc etc in fact non of the high end car brands are included in the list.  There are some brands here that will suprise everyone – three economy cars, three luxury brands, a sport sedan, minivan, upscale off-road SUV and a family sedan.  So check out the line-up below.



BMW X3 xDrive35i


Chevy Cruze 2LT RS


Dodge Charger Rallye Plus


Ford Focus Titanium


Honda Odyssey Elite


Hyundai Elantra Limited


Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit


Kia Optima EX


Volvo S60


Source: Wards Auto



BMW X5 – Security Plus Edition

For the person that has everything.  The ultimate urban vehicle – The BMW X5 Security Plus Edition.  If you got all the money in the world then security is everything.  The special edition X5 has a Class 6 rating in safety.  It can withstand 7.62mm rounds from an AK-47.  In conjunction with its armoured exterior it actually didn’t forget about the other important things.  The suspension was modified to cater for it’s increased weight, and power is produced by it’s 4.8 litre V8 capable of 355 horsepower.  Enough power to outrun any attacker.  Other features is an intercom system to communicate to people outside without opening the windows or doors, cameras around the car for better perimeter awarness, sirens and lights to alert others.

Source: BMW

Toyota FT-86 II Concept

Ask any car modifier about the significance of the number 86 when it relates to Toyota vehicles.  The AE86, produced back in the 80s.  With it’s well balanced body and affordability it was turned into an ideal road weapon.  And we cannot forget about the iconic manga cartoon Initial D which the hero uses an AE86 as his car of choice racing in the winding roads of Mt Akina, defeating some of the most powerfull production cars on the road.  To continue the legacy of the AE86, Toyota has now created the FT-86 II Concept car.  It’s aim, to bring back the fun in driving and aggressiveness of a Toyota.

Source: Autoblog

Specialized S-Works + McLaren Venge

With the sudden surge of interest in bikes and biking in general (either for sporting or styling reasons), we want to feature this one of a kind bike, a Frankenstein creation, built in collaboration with American manufacturer Specialized and McLaren, the racing road bicycle was designed by Chris D’Aluisio – calling it the Specialized S-Works and McLaren Venge.  It took 4 years to develop, just to create a lighter and faster performance bike – the perfect amalgamation of technology and art.

Source: Specialized S-Works + McLaren Venge

Check out some Euro Style

Most of the time when we say modified cars we think about Japanese cars.  Well this time lets give the Europeans a go and check out their version of “JDM” or should we say “EDM”.


Source: Wolfsgruppe