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Metropolis II by Chris Burden (the movie)

A short documentary about a kinetic art called Metropolis II.  Artist Chris Burden used the iconic Hot Wheels to create a stop and go motion as if it was an actual traffic on normal street.  It took him 4 years to complete the project which uses 1500 Hot Wheels cars and many electric trains.  For more information about Chris Burden’s work please visit – and

Source: Hypebeast

Acclaim Magazine Issue 24: FANTASY

The wait is over. The new issue of Australian creative lifestyle title ACCLAIM magazine is set to hit local shelves the first week of August, 2011.

The theme of issue 24 is FANTASY. Perhaps it was the cabin fever we’ve all been feeling from being stuck inside this Melbourne winter or perhaps we’re just a bunch of trippers at heart, either way we are excited to unleash the fantasy theme onto our readers. We felt it was time to take a step away from the tangible world and take a trip into our subconscious, with our editorial team digging into every mystical nook and magical cranny to create a psychedelic journey with each page.

As always, the issue has two very special covers. The short-run cover features the work of futuristic Swedish artist and illustrator, Kilian Eng. Kilian is featured in the issue also, along with his work which references the future and analogue culture at once. His retro-future girl graces our cover and on a very select number of issues, the cover features glow-in-the-dark ink. These will be available exclusively to Australian Magnation stores and subscribers (Please note this cover version will be out a week later than the standard cover, due to the special printing process). The standard version of Kilian’s cover is available from all of the boutiques within ACCLAIM’s BTQ network.

The general release cover which will hit newsagents across the country, features the polarizing figure that is Bay Area rapper, Lil B. Who better to champion the fantasy issue than the tripped out Based God. The issue features an exclusive interview and photoshoot with Lil B. Love him or hate him, B is prolific and very much an example of the new generation of music artists in today’s economy. An intriguing mix of strategic social-media savvy and his stream of consciousness rhyme-style and quotables, the rapper has the internet world entranced.

Other content includes:

Mark Bode

We chat with artist Mark Bode, who is carrying on the family business passed on by his father, the iconic comic book artist Vaughn Bode. Vaughn’s artistic vision including his characters such as the Cheech Wizard, have infiltrated street art and graffiti culture for years and are kept alive via his son’s work which continues on with the comic book legacy.

Mark McCloud

San Fran’s Mark McCloud has the impressive title of owning the world’s largest collection of acid blotter art, which he houses on his premises aptly titled The Institute of Illegal Images. Mark let’s us in on his various court cases with the DEA, the psychedelic experience and the history of the acid tab.


NYC photographer Walker Esner sets his lense on one of the most intriguing of outsider activities, that of larping (live action role playing) with his Dagorhir photo editorial. We also speak with one of the key organisers of the events.

Mansions on the Moon

Virginian electronic trio Mansions on the Moon finally have lift-off with their debut album about to drop, co-signs from The Neptunes and a stint at Red Bull Music Academy. We speak to the promising new act about their recent move to LA, the recording process and being mistaken for Seth Rogan.

Ivan Benic

Ivan Benic is world-renowned for his mystical artwork which appeared on the sides of automobiles during the vanning movement of the ‘70s. Our feature with the artist includes archival photos of some of his iconic pieces that have never been published anywhere ‘til today.

Nagi Noda

The late Japanese artist and director Nagi Noda had a uniquely imaginative way of looking at the world, which was evident in her dreamlike videos and artworks. We speak with a number of friends and collaborators of the artist, including Mark Ryden and Kenneth Cappello, on their memories of Nagi.

Mel Ramos

Mel Ramos paints every man’s fantasy: fast food and naked women. Using the mantra of sex sells, Ramos is one of the last original pop-artists, still eagerly at work even in his 70s. We interview the iconic artist of his work, family and painting Pamela Anderson.

ACCLAIM magazine is available through all good newsagents, select boutiques and Magnation stores. A digital version of ACCLAIM is now available to purchase via Zinio. Hard-copy subscriptions can be made through the Magnation website. If you are interested in stocking ACCLAIM in your store, please contact


Pictures and Words via Acclaim Magazine

Intermission: Riff – White Men Can’t Jump (Original Soundtrack)

Let’s take this back to the old school!!!

DJ Robby’s club debut at “SECRET” monthly event @ gypsy

PlusSixOne was there to support DJ Robby’s debut club gig.  Big thanks to DJ Moto and Chook!!

“Modern Warfare 3” Trailer

Modern Warfare is back.  The epic sequel to the multiple Game of the Year award winner Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 returns on November 8th.

Lego Movie Posters

With alot of  blockbusters coming this year so movie website NEXT MOVIE created this cool Lego themed posters.  As they said before – “everything looks better in Lego form.”

Source: Next Movie

Top 15 New York Cheap Eateries by Alexander Wang

We all love food, so anytime you are in New York, designer Alexander Wang recommends this cheap eateries.  The list will definitely make you hungry so make sure you are full before you check out the full list from the Vogue UK website.

Source: and Vogue UK

Sneak Peak – PlusSixOne Jumper dropping soon!!!

Marco Morales, Filipino movie and TV personality,  with +61Mike wearing our advance drop of the PlusSixOne jumpers.  To be released to the public soon…

An update of Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds) experiences in Melbourne, Australia

More updates from Bobby Hundreds blog about his time here in Melbourne during the Carbon weekend.  Click here to jump to his blog.

Frank Liew (Qubic NZ) in Melbourne for Carbon

Check out Frank Liew’s blog regarding Melbourne and the Carbon event this weekend.  Click here