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DJ Edo’s Birthday Celebration @ Perfect this Friday!!!

One of PlusSixOne’s favourite DJ is celebrating his birthday at Perfect this Friday.  And due to popular demand!!!  The return of the SEVEN Crew rocking the SEVEN Room (upper level, Pontoon Bar, Darling Harbour) with timeless old school anthems!  Plus don’t miss out on DJ Qrius’ mixtape giveaway – R&B Rewind.

When: Friday, August 12

Where: Pontoon Bar, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Park


DJ Edo in Japan with PlusSixOne

Recently DJ Edo went to Japan and he took PlusSixOne with him.  He was actually in Japan when the Earthquake and Tsunami hit.  Thank God he came back in one piece.

Our prayers go out to Japan.

Spoiler Alert: DJ Edo wearing the upcoming PlusSixOne logo hoodie.

Blacklabel Represent!!!

PlusSixOne contributing to Tokyo’s “sticker art” aka “sticker bombing”.

Pictures courtesy of DJ Edo

Fishing with DJ AL3 (Official UFC DJ)

Getting ready to do some fishing!!!

DJ Edo and DJ AL3

PlusSixOne Mike with DJ AL3

DJ AL3 – “I caught one!!!”

Jamming with DJ X-Factor

Recently DJ X-Factor from the Philippines came to do a tour of Australia.  So while here we joined him and Australia’s two superstar DJs Moto and Edo in an informal DJ session.

The two “masters” battle it out on DJ HERO. “DJ MOTO vs DJ EDO…….. FIGHT!!!”

Indonesian Connection…

We had such a busy new year… After Bangkok our next stop is Jakarta!  Thanks to DJ Edo and DJ Biggie for showing everyone how we party PlusSixOne style!!!

Take note DJ Biggie wearing limited edition Blacklabel x PlusSixOne tee.

Pictures courtesy of DJ Edo

DJs Edo And BIGGIE tour Indonesia 2011

We would like to wish Sydneys own Djs BIGGIE and Edo all the best as they tour across Indonesia from Bantam, Surabaya to Jakarta’s Blowfish and Immigrant.

All the best guys as you show Indonesia how the DJs from the PlusSixOne do… see you in  Feb!!

MIX aftermath…

Thanks to all that attended MIX @ The Pumphouse.  Thanks to all the DJs: Moto, Edo, Biggie, Bonniez, Flipsta and Stunna  and of course the master of ceremonies – Phili.  So until the next PlusSixOne sponsored event… keep on rockin’

DJ Biggie and DJ Fly Girl Tee

+61 Mike with DJ Moto and DJ Edo

MC Phili

Thank you for the support…

Thank you for the support guys…  MC Phili and DJ Edo always been down since day one and David for representing +SixOne in Las Vegas.

Summer Collection coming soon.  New colourways for the +SixOne design and PlusSixOne Graffiti design – plus more!!!  All we can say is:  “It’s Summer Time so its time to get your summer bunny”

Some pictures courtesy of Flow

A few pictures from the Absolute launch party…

Thank you DJ Edo for taking pictures of the event for us.  The Absolute x PlusSixOne tees looks good!!!

The Absolute Crew.

DJ Edo with the Absolute Crew – ABSOLUTE x PLUSSIXONE

DJ Ace + DJ Edo

Melbourne Weekend – partying and Sneaker Freaker swap meet

Another busy weekend for the +SixOne team, tagging along with DJs Edo, Biggie and W.W.  Saturday saw the crew partying like rockstars and Edo, Biggie and W.W rocking the wheels of steal, Sydney style (we guess Indo style aswell because W.W is from Indonesia).  Then on Sunday the crew attended the Sneaker Freaker swap meet.

Thank you to DJ Edo for being the photographer and letting us use his photos (we lost the +SixOne camera).

DJ Edo and W.W rocking the new +SixOne logo tee…

Pictures courtesy of DJ Edo