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Futura at Carbon (Melbourne)

Futura live painting with local artist at CARBON in Melbourne.

Video by: P4000

Acclaim Magazine Issue 23 out now!!!!

New York City is one of the most vibrant and creative cities in the world. Countless great creative minds and talents have been born through this city throughout history. Today the legacy that New York has contributed to street culture remains indisputable. Maybe it’s the Big Apple’s unrelenting toughness that allows only the cream to rise to the top, or perhaps it’s the way in which creatives from all world are drawn to the city, which has formed a community that fosters those who create. Either way, the city is a cultural force to be reckoned with.

Issue 23 of ACCLAIM is dedicated to New York. 2010 saw us uncover the people, places and trends at the core of contemporary Tokyo with our Japan issue, our NYC issue sees us deliver likewise. On-location interviews and shoots capture the frenetic bright-lights-big-city attraction of the city, while intimate content crafted by iconic NYC natives themselves, make the issue also reflective of NYC from the inside, from those who live and breathe it and whom have contributed directly to its culture.