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All Good With It by Phili

We’ve known Phili for a long time… He’s been the person to go to if you want you party started right!  Check out his latest track – ALL GOOD WITH IT.


MIX aftermath…

Thanks to all that attended MIX @ The Pumphouse.  Thanks to all the DJs: Moto, Edo, Biggie, Bonniez, Flipsta and Stunna  and of course the master of ceremonies – Phili.  So until the next PlusSixOne sponsored event… keep on rockin’

DJ Biggie and DJ Fly Girl Tee

+61 Mike with DJ Moto and DJ Edo

MC Phili

Thank you for the support…

Thank you for the support guys…  MC Phili and DJ Edo always been down since day one and David for representing +SixOne in Las Vegas.

Summer Collection coming soon.  New colourways for the +SixOne design and PlusSixOne Graffiti design – plus more!!!  All we can say is:  “It’s Summer Time so its time to get your summer bunny”

Some pictures courtesy of Flow

+PlusSixOne running a muck at Flow

Our homie MC Phili.  Been down with the team since day one!  Thanks for the love and support see you on the weekend!

MC Phili with Mr Syndicate Events.

DJ Stib

DJ R*One of the One and Only DJ Crew with MC Phili.

Don’t forget every Friday – FLOW @ World Square Pub.

Mike Hyper’s Birthday Party @ Flow Fridays

We celebrated with our very own DJ Mike Hyper @ FLOW last Friday January 8 – the first party for 2010!  Because it was Hyper’s birthday, PLUS.VI.ONE, of course, is in full effect.  The crew represented PLUS.VI.ONE all night and gave away a few t-shirts during the party.  Hyper even though very drunk got his groove on the wheels of steel on a midnight mash-up set, hyping up the crowd. 

PLUS.VI.ONE would like to thank Syndicate Events for letting us do our thang!  Hyper, MC PHILI and everyone else that supported the brand thank you!!!

For more pictures of FLOW please visit their Facebook page.  Picture courtesy of WILL THE KILL

Our Random Weekends around Sydney…

Last weekend and this weekend past we were out and about again in the streets of Sydney.  In search of the fun and excitement and of course meeting up with close friends.  Here are some pictures of our weekend adventures around our fair city.



Chookie representing PLUS.VI.ONE


DJ Moto with hiphop legend NAS @ Dynasty (Privilege Bar).



DJ C-BU at FLOW Fridays.



DJ Qrius representing PLUS.VI.ONE @ Chocolate City/Candy Paint (Havana Bar)


MC Phili (centre) @ Chocolate City/Candy Paint (Havana Bar)