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Official’s Fall Collection – First Delivery

Official’s Fall Delivery 1 ships this week to finer retailers worldwide. The collection is a culmination of solid styling, thoughtful sourcing, relevant, progressive colorways and building upon Official’s already strong flagship styles such as “Cali patch,” “The Officials,” and “Keep it All Official” workwear patch. The brand is not satisfied with simply embroidering logos on the fronts of hats. They continue to push progressive applications and sourcing. This season shows no sign of letting up with features including laser engraved bamboo labeling on top of indigenous woven fabric patches, full panel high-definition printing, organic chambrays and double-layer laser cut appliqué applications.


Look for the fresh stock of Official to arrive at your favorite local retailer this week.


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Official Spring 2011 Video Lookbook

Official’s Spring 2011 video lookbook featuring C+ has been released and synchronized with the spring styles reaching it’s retailers worldwide. This lookbook broadcasts a day-in-the-life survey that seamlessly spotlights several snap-back and adjustable hat styles from the Spring 2011 delivery.

Official Spring 2011 Lookbook

Official presents their Spring 2011 lookbook with a thick and texterous layer of analog realness that reflects the concept and design of the upcoming delivery. These polaroid captures feature the illest snap-back and adjustable range of headwear to-date from the Official camp. Some featured styles include “Cash Money Makers” returning to the line in a retro Miami colorway. “Cali Flipped” with a lightly inspired Charlotte colorway. Effers flipped in the perfect spring light blue oxford cotton with cream applique lettering. And “The Officials” in a tonal chambray and a second colorway in Grey/Orange/Charcol referencing San Francisco’s most recent championship season and wishfully willing another.