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Typhoon Ondoy aka Hurricane Ketsana ravages Manila

Last week a nine-hour deluge across Manila submerged houses, washed away shanties and turned roads into raging rivers, forcing terrified residents to seek refuge on top of homes or cars, where they waited for more than 24 hours.  246 people killed and displaced more than half a million in the Philippines after the heaviest rain in more than four decades plunged the Philippine capital into chaos.

Relief goods have now been delivered to a number of government’s evacuation centers or air-dropped to the flooded villages as water subsided. But Manila with massive damages brought by the storm have strained its relief capabilities and has requested for international assistance.  The US, Thailand and a few other countries have sent relief aid to the flood victims in Manila.

Below are pictures of the devastation:






If you would like to make a money donation you can by clicking on the following.



Dinner at Hooters

Representing PLUS.VI.ONE at Hooters.


And of course we cannot forget the Hooters famous buffalo wings!  That’s why we come here!!! heheh and oh yeah the girls aswell.. The sexy waitresses!


The Lego Book

We are all Lego fans, we like building them, we like collecting them, and we can still remember playing with them when we were still young in the Philippines.  There is some point in time that all of us played with Lego.  So when we saw this Lego Book at the book store… WE HAD TO BUY IT!


The book is a special edition celebrating 30th years of the Lego Mini Figure.  Looking through this book bring back childhood memories.


Everything you need to know about Lego, the history, the limited edition Lego sets and of course the future of Lego, were you can design your own model online and submit it to Lego head office and they will make it into reality.  This book is a must for any toy collector/enthusiast.

Sydney turned into the planet Mars…

We’ve woken up the other day and we were living on the planet Mars! 🙂


Residents of Sydney have woken to a red haze caused by a massive dust storm originating from the deserts of central Australia.



Beyonce – “I AM…” Tour

Recently, Superstar singing Diva Beyonce did a concert here in Sydney.  It was one of the best concerts of the year.  Beyonce really put on a show for all her fans, she is always mesmerising when she performs live on stage.  Towards the end of the show, she  pulled a cancer stricken girl from the crowd while singing “Halo” touching everyone’s feeling.  There was not a dry eye in the whole of Acer Arena.






We support local Australian clothing designers so its time to check your calenders guys and clear out whatever plans you may have for Friday the 25th of September because at the Macquarie Hotel in Liverpool it’s the offical launch party for the UROKCHILD label.


DJ Kidd’s Weekly Mixes


Dj Kidd – Canada’s #1 Party Rocker has just released his lastest Twerkout Mix for this week…  You can download all his mixes from

PLUS.VI.ONE Tees has arrived


After two weeks of waiting we finaly received our first set of tees.  We are proud with what we have achieved to this point.  We already started wearing the shirts in and around Sydney representing PLUS.VI.ONE

Casio G-SHOCK GLX5600

In recent times the Casio GLX5600 model became popular in the street wear community.  Alot of popular street wear brands have collaborated with Casio to release their own version of the 5600 model.



We purchased one today the Casio GLX5600 G-Lide.  It features a shiny G-Lide band and bezel that are quite vibrant. These also feature an innovative new tide graph display at the top of the LCD.  The G-Lide outperforms the elements by offering water, salt and sun protection. With tide and moon graph functionality, water resistance to 200 meters and a slim, compact design, you won’t want to go without one on your next surfing excursion.  Like every G-Shock watch, the G-Lide is shock resistant to withstand tough impact and it features an accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month, meaning it won’t stop and always keeps perfect time. It includes 29 time zones/48 cities, 12/24-hour formats, auto EL backlight with afterglow, moon data, tide graph, button operation tone, hourly time signal, pre-programmed auto-calendar until the year 2099, multiple alarms and a countdown timer.

We are now ready for Hawaii in October!!!!

Rest In Peace – Mark “Bam” Reyes


In the early hours of September 15 our good friend Mark “Bam” Reyes was taken away from us very unexpectedly.

Through the years this very outgoing, fun loving, warm hearted friend of ours had made enough noise to be heard across the seas for us in  PLUS.VI.ONE to hear, always ready to to party with us in the clubs of  Sydney and always showing us a great time in his home court P.I.  This Generous young man would always make sure we received VIP treatment as he was a natural entertainer no expenses spared.

Mark ” Bam” Reyes, you will surely be missed.  As we try to come to terms with the fact that your gone, the life that was taken, the friendship that is lost it makes it is a hell of a lot easier to remember the life that was lived to the fullest and the friendship that will never be forgotten.  Rest In Peace homie

Keep those bottles Poppin in heaven!  We’ll see you when we get there!  😦